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26 October 2009

From St. Petersburg to Tallin

We’ve only spent 30 hours in St. Petersburg, which is a shame because from the little we’ve seen, it seems to be a lovely city and much more habitable than Moscow. In Tallin, it’s even worse, we’re not even there for 24 hours.

From St Petersburg to Tallin we’re travelling in a bus, from which I’m writing this. It’s a totally normal bus that’s half empty. I’m a bit annoyed because yesterday when I bought the tickets in the advert they had red double-decker buses that looked very modern. The classic advertising scam.

Bus Tallin 03Bus Tallin 02

They say that Estonia is one of the most advanced countries in the world as regards internet connections. Maybe it’s true because on the laptop I can see many wifi networks but I haven’t been able to connect to any of them. I think Alvaro has managed it, at least for a while.

The highway has only one lane in each direction and the surface is not in a great state, but through the window you can see more modern towns than what I imagined and of course much better than those in Russia where we’ve come from.

It’s taken us 8 hours to do something like 350 km. An average of 50km per hour… oh well.

Tallin seems to be a very “European” city, fortunately we were expected and Synthia and Charles (USA) have also appeared, as they had to bypass the trip to Russia as they were unable to get the visa in time. They’re already in the hotel and assure us that it’s good with excellent breakfast. We’re happy again.

Bus Tallin

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