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26 October 2009

Why do you do it?

We’ve just finished the Asian leg. We were thinking right from the start that this would be the hardest of all, but it turned out to be enthralling. From our western outlook, the logistical conditions have been on occasioins, well below what we expected, but today, only a few days later, they’ve lost all importance and only remain in the memory, as amusing anecdotes.

I believe that it will take some time to integrate everything that has happened to us, the technology of the means of transport, seems to go quicker than our consiousness. I believe that even over a long time, many of the experiences that we have gone through will continue alive in us. Maybe they will accompany us for ever.

There is a question that is repeated time and again by friends, family and the many people that we have met in these weeks; “why are you doing this?” “Why are you abandoning the comfort of your daily life and spending a pile of money in doing a journey like this?”

I can’t answer for the others, I imagine that everyone will have to reflect about their own motivations. To be sincere, it’s difficult for me to do it, but I’ll try.

For me, this is an epic journey.

I like to imagine myself as one of the crew on the ships that crossed the Atlantic.

I like to imagine that within 100 years, someone will speak about what we are doing.

I like to imagine that when I’m old, some young people will ask me about it and I’ll tell them with pride.

I like to imagine that it will be useful, even if only a bit, to change this crazy world.

I like to imagine that I can do something interesting with my life.

Mirada 002Mirada 001

But I’m not only doing this journey because of what I imagine. I also do it for the things that I perceive in going from one country to another.

I see that many watch us with indifference, for them we aren’t there.

In the look of others I see only curiosity, it seems to be funny for them to see this group of strange people.

But in the look of a few I see hope, and I want to interpret that it’s the same sort as mine.

Mirada 003Mirada 004

Hope in a different world, in a world without violence and in which together we will be able to build it.

And on seeing hope in their look, so my own hope grows and I feel strong and radiant.

It’s in these moments when I feel profoundly grateful, and I cannot imagine a better place to be than this one.

And so the question comes back again and I inquire of the one asking the question, “How is that you’re not marching with us?”

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6 comments to Why do you do it?

  • claudie

    great ! thanks

  • Dear Luis,
    What you have so well expressed is the expression of many of us.
    As Gandhi’s grand-daughter said in India “You (who are marching) are the chosen ones”
    and this aptly describes what you have expressed.
    You are symbolically and actually leading the world towards light, and light there will be.
    The end of violent tunnel is not far now and you will be taking us out of it.
    The best is there, right around the corner, the best for the whole world, the world that we all love.
    The new reality that we are all working to build – the reality that we all love as so dear to us.
    your expression has given words to many of us.
    The Force is with you – I am sure of it, as I can feel it myself. This is a wonderful experience. The experience of being with the Team in India for just about 30 hours was great – I can imagine the depth of those of you who are doing it for so many days, weeks and months.
    best wishes,

  • Pepa

    Olé y Olé Luis, que mensaje más bonito!
    Un abrazo, para ti para [email protected], nos vemos pronto

  • Carlos del Pozo

    Así es, mi buen Luis, la esperanza es lo que despertamos en algunos jóvenes y en otros no tan jóvenes, y también en mi mismo, que me conmuevo con tus comentarios.

    Gracias, Carlos.

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  • Cristina Estévez

    Me ha emocionado tu mensaje Luis. Me encanta observar que esta experiencia os hace estar tan inspirados a todos. ¡Qué envidia me dais!
    Todas las mañanas entro en el blog para compartir este viaje con vosotros.
    ¡Muchas gracias por hacérnoslo llegar así!.