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26 October 2009

Pierre’s last hour (26th October 12.15pm)

Pierre has just called us from St. Petersburg. It seems that he HASN’T found his passport. It looks like it’s probably been stolen, so he thinks.

The good news, is that in the Belgian consulate they’ve confirmed that they can give him a provisional copy in one hour, that will be valid for 6 months […]

26 October 2009

From St. Petersburg to Tallin

We’ve only spent 30 hours in St. Petersburg, which is a shame because from the little we’ve seen, it seems to be a lovely city and much more habitable than Moscow. In Tallin, it’s even worse, we’re not even there for 24 hours.

From St Petersburg to Tallin we’re travelling in a bus, from which […]

26 October 2009

(Español) La campaña de Moscú

(Español) Nuestra llegada a Moscú se recordará en los anales de la Marcha, pero también en la vida de cada uno de nosotros, como una auténtica gesta. Tras nueve horas de vuelo huyendo de la noche, nos recibieron en el aeropuerto para llevarnos al hotel. A falta de ascensor, el primer obstáculo que nos tocó […]

26 October 2009

Why do you do it?

We’ve just finished the Asian leg. We were thinking right from the start that this would be the hardest of all, but it turned out to be enthralling. From our western outlook, the logistical conditions have been on occasioins, well below what we expected, but today, only a few days later, they’ve lost all importance […]

26 October 2009

Pierre left behind in St. Petersburg

In a journey like ours, one of the worst things that can happen is loose sight of your passport. This is exactly what has happened to Pierre (the Belgian)

This morning, after breakfast and already with suitcases prepared for getting on the bus, came the moment of revision. Someone, usually Rafa, calls out, “Ok, let’s […]