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25 October 2009

Day of Peace in Savonnlina, Finland

Snow flakes are falling in Finland.  I put on long socks, warm clothes and we go out to a little island by boat which we declare to be the first Humanist country.  Everything is so peaceful in this zone, totally rural, with breakfast at the house of Juha’s aunt with homemade black bread in a house heated by firewood and… a sauna.  Every cabin has a sauna, but there are no bathrooms, or showers or running water, only fairly awful latrines (sometimes one is thankful for civilisation).  To wash or shower after the sauna there are two bowls with cold and warm water, you have to mix them as you like and with a sort of ladle you throw water over yourself (until the water runs out, in this case you have to go out into the cold and get more).

We thought that on arriving in Europe everything would be recognisable again.  Surprise:  the marvellous experience of discovering new worlds, new experiences, unique in our travels around the world.

Later on we are going to March through the town, the Castle Museum, on the edge of the lake until the main street (almost the only street) and from here to a Tapas Restaurant (yes, one of the owners is Spanish) where we will eat with those who wish to stay behind, show videos about the March and share experiences with people.

We expect about 5 to 30 people, although with the cold and drizzle I think it’ll be more likely 5 to 10.  I’ve just heard that the Mayor will see us.  Let’s see what happens.

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