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24 October 2009

To the Angels of Moscow: gracias, grazie, merci, thank you

Angeles 02Maybe because we’re “good people” or simply because we have a lot of luck, but the case is that everywhere we go we are meeting marvellous people who help us and connect emotionally.

In Moscow our “angels” have been Ana and Alejandra, from the Latin American Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences).

They received us in the institute with gloves, scarves and hats. This was phenomenal because we arrived from the Asian leg sweating and with nothing warm. Immediately they offered to solve all our problems: lacking video tapes, folders, nasal decongestant, translations, a bit of tourism…

The following day things got complicated for us. Moscow is enormous and we’re finding it difficult to measure time, so the time came to leave without time to go back and see them. And in the entrance of the train to Saint Petersburg (a long night time journey of 8 hours) they suddenly appeared carrying everything; water, sandwiches, fruit… even towels to wipe our hands after eating. It was a real gift which turned a night that looked to be a bit dark, into a celebration with a banquet thrown in.

We ate and slept stupendously!

Thanks, many thanks in name of the whole of the European Base Team.

Luis Silva

PD.- Many thanks also to Elena, another angel who from Seville, has been facilitating contacts and opening paths.

Angeles 01

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