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24 October 2009

[sc01] Forward Backwards!

Fabio e Antonella

it was not my intention, but i’ll walk like a crab: i’ll go a bit backwards.

a few weeks ago i left Italy joining the Base Team with the idea of publishing every day some photos, videos, diaries…
but at the end i could just record a lot: as many external images as many inner sensations (life in the Base Team is much harder that what it could seem! and i have lots of things to do)
and now, on a night train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, in company of the “fellowship of the ring” of the Base Team, i’ll go through the recent past, starting from the present.

i’ll start from one of the main actors of my life’s changing, someone i could see just before jumping on the train (bless Skype video!)
if i won’t do the whole 92 days of the March, but especially my full dedication to this March, is because Fabio (called JJ by some friends) is one of the most important things in my life, and one of the most important things i can do for him is this March.

even if i am sure i could greatly survive and enjoy every situation, my life doesn’t end in me. Humanity’s life doesn’t end in me.
Fabio is my direct successor, but like him there are millions of human beings about to “give a change” to previous and older generations.
but the world that Fabio will live will be the result of what we have done, or what we have NOT done.

our “human” world is showing the first signs of the falling started some time ago, and crisis are starting to be popular.
i see crisis as “opportunities”, because as in every crisis there are two ways out: the falling or the arising.
i am sure that by an intelligent and well done impulse we can give an interesting signal for the changing of direction of this world.

this World March for Peace and Nonviolence (that i’ve been working on for more than a year, but that i see as the top of 15 years activities in the Humanist Movement), only at its 21th day, starts to really seem as an unique opportunity to give this signal.

Fabio will enjoy its benefits, was it only for my passing him (when grown up a bit) the experiences i’m living in these days… experiences that i’ll try to share with you, backward step by backward step, in next days

strong hug!

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