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24 October 2009

The Moscow Metro: the World March’s greatest challenge!

We are taking nearly all forms of public transport which is not something easy… And the Moscow Metro was a true test! Or how to keep a smile and faith while going up and down hundreds of steps with 20kg cases… Watch and learn! Peace truly made us sweat!

The Moscow Police intercept us […]

24 October 2009

To the Angels of Moscow: gracias, grazie, merci, thank you

Maybe because we’re “good people” or simply because we have a lot of luck, but the case is that everywhere we go we are meeting marvellous people who help us and connect emotionally.

In Moscow our “angels” have been Ana and Alejandra, from the Latin American Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences).

They received us in […]

24 October 2009

[sc01] Forward Backwards!

it was not my intention, but i’ll walk like a crab: i’ll go a bit backwards.

a few weeks ago i left Italy joining the Base Team with the idea of publishing every day some photos, videos, diaries… but at the end i could just record a lot: as many external images as many […]

24 October 2009

Canada sings for the Base Team!