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23 October 2009

We are now in Moscow. Our situation has turned 360º, we’ve gone from a Buddhist temple to a hotel with more than 20 floors, full of businesses, restaurants and girls in mini-skirts seeking company. They don’t seem to be as happy as the monks, but it’s good to see a few high-heels after so many […]

23 October 2009

The Magic of the March 3. At City Hall

We continue with our agenda after going to Yongsan where the activists of the city came together in an emotional event, in protest at the death of 5 people in an incident that occurred when the police tried to evict them from their homes. The brutality of property speculation seems to be behind the events.


23 October 2009

The Temples of Zen Buddhism

During our stay in Korea, we are staying in the temples of Zen Buddhist monks. They are beautiful places and very peaceful, a bit Spartan, but sufficient for our needs.

With our Western look the buildings of wood carved from wood in an eastern style and the empty rooms are surprising. There is nothing, except […]

23 October 2009

The Western Bumpkin

As a good Western bumpkin, before arriving here I knew nothing about Korea. I remembered that Seoul was where they held the 1988 Olympic Games and that there are still military tensions between the North and the South, in other words, I knew nothing. To be honest it was worse than nothing, because the only […]

23 October 2009

From Russia with Love…

“From Russia with Love…” was the title I wanted for this article but in reality I think a better title is to be found in that famous song by Boney M, Rasputin: “Oh those Russians!”

The security in Russia is incredible. Today we had a couple of meetings which I’ll talk about later but afterwards […]