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14 October 2009

Rafa de la Rubia – Summary from NZ to the Philippines

This chronicle, summary, I’m writing from time to time.  Above all in planes.  I’m very slow to write.  The ideas and especially the emotions pile up.  The work of putting order to them takes me a long time.  And with the little that we’ve done!  So I’d like to be able to write more things.  But at least it’s something…

In a few words and with a crude language I can say that this experience of the March since the beginning has been something exceptional, something that has changed my life and opened an enormous future.  With everything done, even before the March started, the advances that there were, the experiences, the learning, the things we lived through had great significance.  Now that it’s here, it is surpassing what we imagined.  I’m receiving a lot from this March every day and I ask to be able to capture it and also to be able to respond with the same depth and to measure up to what circumstances require.

We have been travelling for a week and the start of the WM has been very intense in all senses.  Very full of activities, emotions, human warmth and meaning.

In New Zealand the base team members came together from different points of the world.  We started around twenty people from 10 nationalities and 3 continents.  From the beginning the base team showed a great diversity of peoples as regards age ranging from 24 to 72, half men and women from different social sectors.  With a predominance of Westerners.  Additional people are joining the team, some are encouraged to do so on making contact with the team dynamic.  Others are joining in different moments of the journey and in the American stage is where we will be most numerous.  We are inviting people to the end of the March and we already have confirmation of interest in coming to Punta de Vacas from New Zealand, Australia and Philippines.

It is a unique experience through the intensity and the short space of time in which all of this is happening.  We’ve been together just a few days and for all of us the 2nd seems a long time ago.

In any case, with different expressions, with different forms, the base team are being received with a very special hospitality, with much human warmth, much support and we perceive a profound sense of what the WM means.

The days prior to the March were to put the team together and build the dynamic. It turns out it was a good idea to gather a few days prior to the start, as it helped us get into theme.

The New Zealand experience moved us right from the start, in the Chatham Islands where the first rays of the sun come at the start of every new day on the planet, with the reception on Rekohu Island, by the descendents of the Moriori who are an exterminated people.  No one was left behind except a few mixed raced descendents.  They were eliminated without offering opposition, without violent resistance… What bravery and conviction…

New Zealand was very full of activities covering the North Island from Auckland to Wellington.  We must highlight the participation of a group of young people who travelled on foot for over 200km in one week to participate in the start of the WM.  There were also various nonagenarians who were very enthusiastic.  There was a bit of everything, including a tsunami alarm caused by an earthquake in the region, which caused the suspension of activities as people had to evacuate.

The launch was something very special.  A long awaited moment with a great deal of charge.  Which in reality was much more than imagined.  The most impressive thing was the copresence of the rest of the points where the launch was also happening.  This intermingled with the memory of everything that had happened in the two years in which we had been preparing for this moment.

In Australia there were activities in Sydney and Melbourne among others.  Everything went very well, highlighting the permanence and application of friends who are organising it, who being so few developed a broad programme and very well put together.  This human peace symbol on the empty beach on a rainy day was very special.  A few, in an inconvenient place and in an inopportune moment.  Something that seemed unreal, but at the same time, very close, with lots of force and enthusiasm.  With great meaning.  We learnt that if something is cared for, maintained and with encouragement breathed into it; it ends up becoming a potent and referential action.  In addition the step through Australia, with a more proportional activity, allowed us to recuperate energy and recompose ourselves after the initial effort.

In the Philippines between typhoons and serious floods we have found more elements that are enriching this WM.  The Humanists of the WM coordination team have given a dimension, integration and enthusiasm, new until that moment.  It must be said that everything that our Filipino friends had prepared for months was lost in two days because of the typhoon that lashed the islands and the enormous floods that it produced.  Some of our people still had flooded houses.  Nevertheless a break in the clouds came along and in a few days they could recompose, confirm activities and add others.  The result was impressive, we were all surprised.  After an official reception by the Mayor of Manila who handed keys to the city to the March, numerous activities and public events were held with thousands of people, some simultaneously, among those was the symbol of peace with 10,000 people among participants and spectators.  The emotions overflowed.  Various members of the base team said that it was the happiest day of their lives.

Now we are arriving in Dhaka, in a plane that we boarded in Kuala Lumpur.

3 comments to Rafa de la Rubia – Summary from NZ to the Philippines

  • ¡Qué emocionante escuchar las miradas de la marcha!
    Enviarles los mejores deseos para el camino y todo el cariño desde las Islas Canarias.

  • Quiero pedirte que le digas a Gérard de Francia, que desde Tehuacán, Puebla. MEXICO, seguimos sus pasos y estamos muy contentos de saber que participa en ésta magnífica marcha y lo esperamos muy entusiastas para verlo, nuevamente, en nuestro país.
    Gracias y sigan adelante, que cada paso que dan es un aliento para nuestra humanidad y un llamado para seguir luchando, desde nuestras trincheras, por poner fin a la guerra y la violencia.

  • Eugenia

    Muchas gracias! Por hacer el espacio y enviarnos sus vivencias!