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14 October 2009

The world march today: hope is all around

16 people of Middle East world march team from Spain, Italy, Argentine, Chile, Kosovo, French and Israel shared a very emotional and intense day, taking part to three importants events:

A symbolic act against nuclear warheads together with Israelian Greenpeace A meeting in a multi – ethnic school in Kfar Kara A march […]

14 October 2009

New photos from India

from today you get get live updates on the photos done by the Base Team at this address:

here is a preview of last days in India! big hugs!

14 October 2009

The World March tours the Palestinian occupied territories

From Bethlehem, today we made a tour of the occupied territories to meet local people who are working in a non-violent way to change the situation together with the Palestinians from the Holy Land Trust association which carries out courses in nonviolence, training future political leaders and tourism policy.

the Wall in Palestine


14 October 2009

The World March in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

On the 11th and 12th of October the Middle East team of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence passed through Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Among the Marchers was Giorgio Schultze, European Spokesperson for the March. The team met the Director of the Hebrew University of Music and Dance in Jerusalem and the Councillor Margalit […]

14 October 2009

Rafa de la Rubia – Summary from NZ to the Philippines

This chronicle, summary, I’m writing from time to time. Above all in planes. I’m very slow to write. The ideas and especially the emotions pile up. The work of putting order to them takes me a long time. And with the little that we’ve done! So I’d like to be able to write more things. […]