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2 October 2009

Bye bye New Zealand!

It’s been great here.  Honestly, there’s been so much love.  We have been greeted with warmth and generosity every step of the way so far and we are emotional to leave New Zealand.

I have to give a special recognition to Alyn Ware, the WM coordinator here.  Alyn is a guy who writes documents that the United Nations reads.  He wrote the Nuclear Weapons Convention that was adopted as an official material of the UN.  Then, over these days he’s done everything from organise the meetings, to personally drive us from one end of North Island to the other.  Today in the concert he sang and played the guitar!  There’s nothing this guy can’t do.

Now we’re in the airport waiting for the flight to Sydney so I can’t write much, but already the incidents are mounting.  We left Isabelle behind at our accommodation this morning and had to go back for her arriving late for check-in and now it appears we have a problem with Rafa’s Australian visa…

More later.

Big hug,


10 comments to Bye bye New Zealand!

  • Here the gas all the activities launched by the march.
    With a lot of ink, creativity, initiative and we are leaving our brand and expanding the awareness for a better world!
    and later still, because I have to go back to the activities!
    Long live peace!
    Signed: Wangles, returning to our movement march! ^^

  • In Brazil we anios of the arrival of our team who wanted to take on their shoulders our desires for a better world!
    Bon voyage
    Hugs for all!
    Wangles Avelis

  • Cristina

    ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ (Gandhi) You’re certainly doing your part!
    Best of luck to you all!

  • Amigos, feliz viaje, estamos todos en el mundo muy emocionados por esta gran marcha… hoy, en mi ciudad, tuve 2 entrevistas por radio y todos están muy emocionados acá y ávidos de recibirlos el 27 de Diciembre… un gran y afectuoso abrazo, de corazón a Corazón mucha
    Paz, Fuerza y Alegría.

  • claudie

    Hi Tony
    we send force and energy to the whole Base Team !!!
    The incidents are the salt of the journey !
    Take care, we love you

  • Roxana Felgueres

    uyyyy estoy contentisimaaa…. unaa energiaa recorree mi cuerpo.. hoy al fin pude dar mi firma a esta MARCHA!… Iupii!!… Al fin!!!!

    Argentina Paraná E.R..

  • Estoy muy feliz… un saludo muy fuerte para todos

  • Tomás

    Desde Jujuy-Argentina…
    Caminando por la plaza central, me dí con que hoy ampezó todo. Ví a la gente asomarse, y dije a mi pareja: ¡GUAU!
    Pienso que aquí ampieza el Renacimiento del mundo.
    QUÉ EMOCION DE LLANTO… Espero participar en todas las actividades por aquí y les deseo un buen viaje a todas estas personas, que se ven hermosas.
    Un fuerte abrazo Por la PAZ.

  • Kereru Pounamu

    Paimarire (Good Peace)!
    On behalf of the Waitaha Matriarchs, ‘Kia pai to haere’ (Go well on your journey)!
    From your first imprints, Powhiri (Welcome)by Nga Rima O Kaipara, at Kawai Purapura, where it was our honour, to be involved in your first Hongi (Intermingle of Sacred Breath&Spirit)!
    Wherein, we renewed old memories, that stirred within our souls,, the whisperings of ‘kindred spirits’,,,and refreshing of the ‘strong bonds we have as the ‘One Soul Tribe’,,,with the same mission,, :”Like it was in the Beginning…One Love…One Heart!!!
    Blessings our dear Whanau (Family), of the ‘Core Team’!
    True to Waitaha tradition, we wished you no goodbyes; as you left early hours this morning,,,,however, we do know that when you finish this journey…” things will never be the same,,,becos, already on 2 October,,we together, gave the “Jump Start” from Aotearoa (nz) which has sent “Ripples Worldwide”. starting small and increasing; as the Spirit of Love continues to stir within us all; ancient memories, that our true nature is; one of Peace and Love! Thankyou my dear brothers and sisters of the ‘Core Team’, for being that Light and reminder,,to those of our Beautiful Worldwide Whanau; who may have forgotten! Aroha&Nga Manaaki (Love&Blessings)Kereru!

  • Enviarles a [email protected] un fuerte y cálido abrazo desde las Islas Canarias.
    Se siente como si fuera un mismo corazón, dando calidez a la vida en el mundo.
    Enviarles tambien, los mejores deseos para este largo viaje adentro y afuera.
    Con todo el cariño.