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27 September 2009

New Zealand is stunning!

The ‘main course’ of the World March which is going to start on the 2nd of October in Wellington was preceded by a lovely ‘entree’ in Auckland yesterday.

NZ organisers have done an excellent job of organising activites in many parts of NZ in support of the March and the event yesterday was excellent.  The WM was taken as an opportunity to inaugurate a Peace March through Auckland.  The Rainbow Warrior is a great symbol in New Zealand and many landmarks are connected to it.  The sinking of this boat led to a great change in public opinion that resulted in NZ become a non-nuclear country, something that was very controversial at the time.

Peace Dragon

Peace Dragon - Photo by Nastassja Downey

The Peace March we did yesterday had a number of different organisations involved, from Amnesty to animal rights activists, from Maori representatives and Greenpeace to the World March base team.  Xena the Warrior Princess actress Lucy Lawless took part, bringing a bit of glamour, which led to us making the front page of the New Zealand Herald this morning.  On the March we were accompanied by a Peace Dragon, a kind of chinese dragon made from the sails of the bombed boat, and which has only been out publicly on 3 different occasions.  Members of the Base Team took the Abolition 2000 peace torch which we’re taking around the world to Argentina before it goes to New York.

Following the March we headed off for Wellington taking in a few tourist sites.  In the evening we arrived at a fantastic cultural centre in the middle of the North Island.  Here we saw a show of Maori culture, the women learnt to do a Maori Poi Dance, and the guys learnt how to do a Haka.

Our journey to Wellington was going great in 2 minibuses until we stopped for fuel and Lance, our driver, put petrol into the engine instead of diesel!!  This brought the bus to a very quick stop and a tired end to a great and long day…

… but after a good night’s sleep and a hot shower, we’re ready to go again.

Big hug to everyone who reads my first blog entry,


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